Network Marketing Referral Ideas

Gavin HooleYou can choose the methods that suit your circumstances best. For example…

  • Include mentions or recommendations on your Blog or website.
  • Post on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like.
  • Include your referral link in your e-mail signature, so that with every e-mail you send out the link is always there. It can be simple without any promo text, if you prefer the subtle approach — e.g. A Second Income, or Domains With A Difference which links to your own Splash page’s URL.
  • Place invitation cards on community notice boards.
  • Have a stack of business cards or leaflets on the counter or cash desk of commercial premises – either your own business premises, or those of people who have given you permission to do so.
  • Approach an Internet Cafe and see if they will get involved in some way that benefits them as well as you.
  • Place free or paid adverts in newspapers and on websites offering such services…
  • Use safelists to send out non-spam e-mails on your behalf.
  • Use the company’s mailing system to send out an invitation on your behalf to people you know who are on your Contacts list.
  • … and so on, and so forth. The options are limited only by one’s own imagination. But they do exclude sending out spam mail!

    In all cases, your invitation should refer the people to your promo URL to get all the information via that Web page.

    Remember: no selling or explaining is necessary with true referral marketing

    As you can see, there’s no need to try to sell the company’s offering, when doing referral marketing. There’s also no need to try and persuade or convince others. Simply let them know the opportunity exists, and invite them to check it out for themselves. The company then handles the rest on your behalf, via its online presentations and registration system.

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