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Gavin HooleSo, you want to know how to make online money? Well, there are many, many ways, so many in fact that it can be quite overwhelming to choose the ‘right’ one for your needs. Also, which online offers are genuine, reliable and actually deliver on their promises? That’s a key question, and one where many income seekers naturally (and wisely) feel wary and hesitant about going ahead. So they put off taking action and remain in need of extra money they’re looking for.

‘Make’ money, or ‘earn’ money?

There is a subtle difference between making money and earning money. Also, there’s a difference between earning money and earning an income. Let’s look a little closer at those concepts.

For my own experience online, most – if not all – offers on how to make online money require some work on your part. This is not always made clear by the promoters of income opportunities. They focus on how easy it is, and how quick it is to start receiving cheques in the mail, and so on.

Generally, reality is quite different from the hype. So, before signing up, try to find out exactly what you will need to do in order to get paid. Also, and importantly, how much of your time it will take each week, and can do you have that amount of time available to do the work required? That way you won’t be in for any surprises or disappointments due to ‘enthusiastic’ marketing methods being used to get you to sign up or part with your cash.

Active income or passive income?

Do you want something where you get paid only when you do the work? Or, would you prefer an income plan that will enable you to build up an income-generating asset that will bring you a regular monthly income way into the future? Once your income-generating asset has grown steadily you’ll be able to ease back on the work you do and start to enjoy what is often referred to as passive income. For an explanation of passive income, click here .

Some options worth considering

  • Affiliate marketing: You become an independent, self-employed promoter of a company’s products or services.
    • If the company has an active income plan only, you earn a once-off commission on every sale that results from your promotion activities. Get another sale, and you earn commission again. Stop promoting, and you don’t get sales and don’t earn. Often the commission per sale is are quite good, and depends on yhe value of the item you’re marketing – a house, or a kitchen gadget, for example.
    • If the company offers a multi-tier compensation plan (as used by network marketing companies), the total commission can be around 40 to 50 percent per sale. However, this is paid to you on a staggered basis at, say, 10% per tier or generation of new cutomers you’ve secured as well as new customers those people have secured. The advantage of a multi-tier system is that your own commissions can grow huge once your ‘downline’ of linked members also promote the company’s products/services. This is explained in more detail on this page .
  • Become an online solopreneur: You set up your own website or WordPress blog/website and begin to sell things from your own domain on the Internet.
    • If you do it right, your website can generate both active income and passive income. (BTW, Google Adsense is also a way to earn passive income. You allow Google to place advertisements on your site, automatically, and you earn a commission every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of those ads.)
    • By structuring your site correctly, you can attract lots of daily visitors without having to do any advertising. This is what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about: getting traffic because people have searched for soomething online and have found a link to yiur website because it appears on the first page or few of the search engine results. You may feel that this is all sound very complicated and way out of your depth, but the truth is that there are some good compamies out there that offer excellent training that even an absolute beginner can succeed. For more information about being a solopreneur, click here to visit my page about that.

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