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Looking for an advertising marketing network to get your business noticed by thousands of people?

Two options to consider:

IBOtoolbox – a free-to-join online hub that offers free advertising
Safelists – various (many) free-to-join non-spam e-mail marketing services

Let’s take a look at each of these two options now.


This free advertising marketing network might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s called IBOtoolbox.

The ‘IBO’ part is short for Independent Business Owner. IBOtoolbox is an extremely popular advertising and marketing network with 1.5 million ad views daily from 500,000 visitors each day. Clearly, IBItoobox is ideal for anyone who wants to expose their offering to around 2 million site vistors each week – free of charge.

Other features at this advertising marketing network website

The following list of features is taken directly from the IBOtoolbox website:

– Active Business Social Network

– Over 100,000 members

– Free SEO Business Tools

– Over 300,000 visitors each day

– IBO AD network has over 1.5 million ad views each day

– Viral Video Platform

– Business Question/Answer platform

– Extensive business training

– Make $$$ with our 50% commission program

– Free press release & PR promotion tool

– Interactive communication wall

– Search out and network with other business owners

– Personalized profile and lead generation site

– IBO approved traffic resell platform

– Leadership identifier, easily see the leaders and mimic.

– and much, much, more….. All 100% FREE!

Click on the banner below to check out IBOtoolbox online

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A safelist offers e-mail marketing to their own group of members. Membership is usually free.

When you join a safelist you agree to receive e-mails from other safelist members, sent out by the safelist service on your behalf. Because every member has agreed to this, the e-mails cannot be regarded as spam mail. This is better and safer than sending out your own e-mails to people who have not subscribed to your mailing list to receive your offers.

Members of a particulat safelist can send a certain number of e-mails to other list members during each period according to the rules of taht particular safelist.

Some safelists allow you to send an e-mail every day while others limit your sending to once every two days, three days or even only once a week.

In order to quality for free mailings, you need to read e-mails you receive from other members of that safelist, and click on a link to earn advertising credits. One credit normally equates to one e-mail recipient you can send to. Depending on the safelist owner, you can earn anything from 10 credits to a few hundred credits per e-mail you’ve read. It’s all recorded automatically by the safelist service. Many safelists have what are called SOLO ads, where you can earn between 200 and 1500 credits per e-mail you’ve read.

To obtain more credits, most safelists offer upgraded levels of paid memberships where you receive several thousand credits per month. You can also purchase additional credits as and when you wish.

Some people say that safelists bring them a lot of business. Others believe that most of the people using the free memberships level read your e-mails only to earn credits so that they can promote what they are wanting to sell to safelist members. They’re not actually interested in what you have to offer.

One of the keys to effective safelist e-mail advertising is to have a catchy Subject line in your e-mails that grabs attention and curiosity, as well as good e-mail content. Some believe the content must be short, while some members write long, detailed e-mails. Another key is to be consistent and keep on advertising often.

Some safelists to get you started

Most online marketers join a number of safelists, so that they can advertise every day and to different groups of members. Sign up free via the links below, and get familiar with using this form of advertising marketing network.

IMPORTANT: Before you join any safelist or simplar online advertising service you usually need to have two Gmail accounts: a LIST account and CONTACT account. It’s best to set thos up before you start joining.
Examples: and

The reason for this is that you will receive a LOT of e-mails daily and you don’t want them blocking up your regular e-mail IN box.

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Puffin Mailer
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List Joe
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