About Extra Income dot WS

Gavin HooleThe goal of this privately-owned Extra-Income.ws website will be to guide others towards earning an ongoing monthly extra income online.

The focus here will be on building a recurring monthly income for life, also known as residual income. The long-term goal is to eventually have what some people call passive income, where you can sit back and relax while receiving monthly deposits into your bank account.

Passive income is what you receive only once you’ve laid the groundwork, which takes time and effort in the early stages. So, the early stages are certainly not a ‘passive’ phase in changing one’s life financially for the better.

More will be said about residual income versus traditional income in other pages that will be added to this site in due course.

The website is owned by me, Gavin Hoole, and is being built using a free WordPress plugin, which is one of the options offered by the hosting company I use for building a website or blog – more about that elsewhere on this site.

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